Are you a Ghanaian startup or existing business or local manufacturer in the Fashion, Health & Beauty Products space looking for massive sales boost and/or market traction? Sell fast and quickly via our platform that even offers you warehousing and/or fulfilment space, direct funding support (where applicable) and even get part of your products paid for upfront even before they sell/ship.

Less than 1% of people within your facebook circles will see your post and less than 2% of the persons who will see and/or like your post will even express interest in it and less than 0.05% of them may even be in the position to buy them (if they even have the money to buy them at all) - Don't be deceived by the number of social media followers you have for your business page as the vast majority of them do not even have the discretionary income to buy your products.


Before You Join Our Platform

• By expertly curating brands and products before listing on our site, we offer brand protection and help build customer trust.

• We have the technology, support and marketing resources to help expand your customer base and assist in driving your online sales.


What we are looking for:

• Quality independent brands whether established, lesser known or emerging;

• Products which fit with our core values – independent, quality and ethical – across our range of product categories;

• Good quality products, with good photography.


Features & Benefits

Become part of an exclusive community:

Market Reach

Opportunity to effectively market and sell via our platform (replete with motivated buyers and not mere talkers). We sell primarily via our in-house platform to over 200,000 prospective buyers and/or customers (including existing customers and employees of The TDG Ecosystem and 50k+ jobseekers recruited via TDG Jobs), without having to rely on social media that much. You benefit from repeat business from loyal customers armed with cash to spend by virtue of the benefits of our Buy Now Pay Later integration for your business -- precision sales par excellence !!


• Access to direct funding options for your business to scale (Plan One Signup option only - more on that below)

• Fulfilment and/or Warehousing Support (Plan One Signup option only)


Eligibility / Requirements

• You must be manufacturing the product you want to put on our platform yourself (it's okay to buy the raw materials but the final product must be made by you) - No Buy & Sell of Final Product Accepted.

• Your product must be ready to deliver if the customer orders it

• Website for your business is mandatory


How to signup to sell with us

We offer two (2) main signup options for sellers on our platform. Before you signup, kindly take a look at how each of our plans work and/or offer in comparison to other platforms such as amazon and shopify:


 General Features
 Upfront Fees
 Ongoing Costs + (PLAN ONE)
 Free to signup with us so long us you're an existing customer of (PLAN TWO)
 Paid Signup if you have an online store with another hosting provider
 Amazon easily attracts buyers to its single online marketplace which allows you to reach millions of potential customers worldwide. You will pay a percentage of every sale you make, to Amazon and abide by their rules. Which means you can be taken off at anytime the Amazon thinks you should be taken off.
 Shopify simply gives you the tools to build a stand-alone webstore rather than putting you in front of customers too.


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