Before Contacting us, please review our FAQ and Glossary sections. If we have to call or email you, it will be from our official phone number or email [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] only.

In line with our operational efficiency policies, only existing tenants can request a callback. Prospective tenants will have to use our email system or simply apply if qualified. Note: reasons for callbacks that have been answered on this platform already will not be scheduled. Hence you're strongly advised to see our FAQs, Glossary and relevant sections of this platform before scheduling a callback. All calls to existing tenants will come from any of the following phone numbers (or allocated Property / Account Manager):



0244-189-xxx (to be added soon). 


Note: The phone numbers above are configured not to receive phone calls and also are not just for use by, but  are dedicated phone numbers of The DCANS Call Centre and used by all subsidiaries and/or affiliates of The DCANS Group Limited in Ghana. Alternatively, you may call your allocated Property / Account Manager for speedy personalised support.


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